Dear Parents, if your son/daughter has borrowed a library book, he/she is requested to return it back to the library as soon as possible to avoid withholding the report card.
School Books
·         School books are distributed at the beginning of each school year. English, Math and Science text books have special code numbers to enable theschool to track them. These books are costly, that is why students need to maintain them and return them to school at the end of the year.
·         Students can receive their semester report cards after returning their text books to the school.
·         Students should maintain their text books ( English, Science, Math ) and return them in a good condition at the end of the school year.  If a book was lost or damaged, a compensation fee of KD 40/-  have to be paid for high school text books, KD 30/- for Middle school text books,  and KD 20/- for elementary school text books.