Dear Parents, if your son/daughter has borrowed a library book, he/she is requested to return it back to the library as soon as possible to avoid withholding the report card.
The school has contracted with well-reputed catering companies to provide healthy meals and snacks for the students and employees.  These catering companies are approved by the Administration of Private Education as companies that are trusted to provide healthy and variable foods such as different kinds of juices, fruits, sandwiches, etc.  The school closely check the food list of the canteen and the hygiene of the canteen staff. Nevertheless, K-2 students always have their meals in their classes under the supervision of their teachers.  The teachers will teach and make sure that the children eat  the proper eating etiquettes.   

Students at the canteen are expected to:

1-respect the canteen staff
2- stand in lines for turns
3- demonstrate good eating manners while having their meals
4- keep leftovers in the special wastebaskets allocated for this purpose. Leftovers can be food for animals rather than wasted in vain
5- keep the eating area clean and never litter