Dear Parents, if your son/daughter has borrowed a library book, he/she is requested to return it back to the library as soon as possible to avoid withholding the report card.
Safety & Security
The security and the safety issues of the school are the responsibility of everyone working in it. The Security and Safety Committee and the Civil Defense Team deal with these issues. Under the Security and the Safety Committee comes the following sub-committees: the Executive Committee, the Health Committee, the Social Committee, the Public Relation Committee, the Information Safety Committee, and the Building Safety Committee. The members of these committees look into the potential safety or security problems and come up with solutions to prevent them from happening. The members of the committees are well trained to manage situations that require first aid procedures and to execute and oversee the emergency drills that the school perform quarterly. 
The guards are part of the Civil Defense Team; the Building Safety Committee.  The guards are always at the gates protecting the property of the school and making sure that no strangers go into the school. The guards are also responsible for organizing the traffic in the morning and at the end of the school day.  It is important to follow their directions in order to ease the process of bringing and/or collecting your children to and from the school.
Parents are kindly requested to submit the civil i/d at the gate guard. The purpose of this  system is  to ensure the security and safety of everyone in the school building.