The school is off today (6/11/2018) due to the bad weather.    -   Please be informed that the students must start wearing their winter school uniform starting from 4th of November 2018.    -   Dear Parents, Please be informed that The national mass scanning for Spine Curvature Disorders will be on Sunday 14 October 2018, for grades 6, boys and girls.    -   Dear Parents, Please be informed that grade 5 and 12 students, boys and girls, will be receiving DT Vaccination on Monday 15 October 2018.
Prayer Place

·         It is a place to perform prayers and to recite Holy Qur'an, thus, it is important to keep it clean and tidy and to show respect to the sanctity of the place.   

·         Talking is forbidden especially when others are praying.

·         Prayer times are announced in the school and all students are encouraged to go and pray.