We cordially invite you to visit the book fair that will take place at the old theater / Basement on Sunday to Thursday 11-15/2/2018 from 7:30 – 3.00    -   Registration is now open for the new academic year 2018-2019, fill the application now!   -   Please resolve any unpaid installments as report cards for Middle and High school will be distributed on Wednesday 31/1   -   Dear Parents, if your son/daughter has borrowed a library book, he / she is requested to return it back to the library as soon as possible to avoid withholding the report card.
Facilities & Resources
The school has provided facilities with state-of-the-art classrooms and specialized rooms that are equipped with the latest purposely made equipment, supplies and,  resources and references.   These were carefully chosen to best serve the education that the school thrives to provide. 
The library is an educational and cultural center, where a student finds different kinds of sciences and knowledge, and where he/she can develops their learning skills and abilities. The library includes a huge number of books and references; in Arabic and English, along with various educational movies and documentaries. The school works hard on constantly developing the library and the media center.  In the media center there are connected computers, CDs, DVDs, and programs to enhance the educational process  of the school.   The Horizons system that the library utilize help the librarians to maintain a well controlled and organized library by barcoding all the books. Furthermore; all of the book titles are available online to enable the students to find what they want whether they in the class or in the home.   It is also possible to exchange data with the largest libraries in the world via the Marc21 system. The librarians teach the students how to use the library in away that they hugely benefit from the resources it has.  The students are encouraged to visit the library during free classes and recess time.
The school also has a special library for Elementary and Kindergarten kids. it contains Arabic and English storybooks that are suitable for the little ones.

The Teachers Resources Room provides a big collections of  references, resources and materials that could aid the teachers to prepare and give their lessons.  The teachers will also find the most recent books and periodicals and online data banks that they can benefit from in tackling the many issues that they face during their work with the students.
In the Middle and High school there are: four science laboratories in boys section, and four in the girls section.  In these labs scientific experiments are performed practically and student apply their scientific skills.
RBS has four computer labs that are served by DSL connections. Computers are used for information and communication technology as well as being a part of the delivery of other academic subjects.
The school aims to ensure that every student becomes a computer literate, and to assure that, it is taught to all students from grades 1-12
Training courses are also conducted inside the school for the school staff to develop their cultural level of computer sciences using the most recent programs such as ICDL.

The school has four labs where Al-Ru'ya pastoral program is taught.  The teaching of the program requires modeling and creating real-life situations where learned principles and values are applied. 

Huge playgrounds are available for collective games (e.g. tennis, volleyball, handball, football, etc.).  Also, there are covered gyms and, ping-pong and speedball court.  The school also has two imperial swimming pools; one for girls and one for boys.