The school is off today (6/11/2018) due to the bad weather.    -   Please be informed that the students must start wearing their winter school uniform starting from 4th of November 2018.    -   Dear Parents, Please be informed that The national mass scanning for Spine Curvature Disorders will be on Sunday 14 October 2018, for grades 6, boys and girls.    -   Dear Parents, Please be informed that grade 5 and 12 students, boys and girls, will be receiving DT Vaccination on Monday 15 October 2018.
The school offers useful and various programs, clubs and activities that meet the interests of the students.  The purpose of these programs and activities is to provide a play-learning environment where students can horn their skills and talents; away from the burden of the academic programs.  The programs, activities and clubs that the school provides are:

*The Student Council:  the voice of the students.  It is based on election and is formed by several committees such as the cultural, social, communications; etc…committees.  Each committee performs certain activities inside and outside the school.

*Clubs:  they run after school and include the IT Club, the  Swimming Club, the Art Club, the Club of Journalism, The Football Team (boys), the Calligraphy Club, the Club of Languages, the Ru'ya Youth Club and many more.

*Al-Ru’ya Youth Club: teaches Islamic behaviors and emphasizes on high moral concepts such as truth, respect, honesty and brotherhood.  It also teaches leadership by teaching students self-management and team-work skills.  In this club students will practice the learned skills and concepts in real life while going on different filed trips. 
*The Summer Clubs: The school has many clubs during the summer holiday. These clubs are announced on the website, through leaflets and brochures, and the school’s newsletters.  

 *Sports Day: every year the PE department organizes several sports days for all school levels.  In the sports days parents can watch their children competing and demonstrating the physical skills they have learned in their PE lessons, through the year.

Sports Tournaments: the students can compete against other students from the same school or from other schools.  The PE Department in Al-Ru’ya School took a leading role and established the “Bilingual Schools Sports Federation In Kuwait”.  Fortunately, many of Kuwait’s bilingual schools were interested and joined the federation.

*The International Day: each class choose a certain country, and display, in various materials and mediums, the country’s customs and culture, language, religion, flag, land-marks; etc..  Parents and embassy members are invited to attend the celebration that the students organized about the country.

 *Al-Saheb Festival: It is where and when students clearly demonstrate the new concepts they have learned in Al-Ruya pastoral program.
*Other Festivals and Exhibitions: many festivals and exhibitions are held during the year. And example of which; are: the Science Fair, the Book Fair, the Health Exhibition and many others. 

*The School Fieldtrips: The school organizes several fieldtrips and journeys inside and outside of Kuwait, as part of its educational program.  

*Ceremonies: The school’s administration organizes different annual ceremonies such as:
-The Awards Ceremony: to honor and recognize excellent and distinguished students.
- TheGraduation Ceremony: to honor and recognize the graduates at the end of the year.        
- The end-of-the-year staff celebration: to honor leaving staff and recognize teachers with excellent records and performances. 

*Awards and Prizes: RBS takes into consideration not only the academic excellence but also the unique skills and the distinguishing gifts that most of the students have.  Thus, the school has designed different awards and prizes to encourage talents, gifted students and excellent performances in any filed or way.  To name some; the school has the Honor Roll Award, the Award of Commitment and the Quran Award